Never Beyond His Control

A couple of years ago, I had been to an IN-FLIGHT training at IIT from my department of Aerospace in the University. During that training, we flew and conducted tests on two-seater and six seater aircrafts and gliders during which we also did some manoeuvres of which, one of them was called STALL.

In this manoeuvre, the pilot will switch OFF the engine and switch it ON again almost immediately. In the process, the aircraft will descend very fast! It’s almost like being in an adventure ride in an amusement park! But, there`s only one difference. In the amusement park, you have safety systems, suspenders, ropes and rods that are holding and keeping you in control. But, high up in the sky, you don’t have anything like that. If the aircraft doesn’t restart immediately, you could lose your life!

But, in the aircraft GOD reminded me that, though I could not see it, His hand was the support and safety system-for- I am in the palm of His hands! That gave a sigh of relief knowing ‘Even though it is beyond my control-It is never beyond GOD`s control!’

Same way in life, when we go through unexpected challenges- a loss, break up, sickness or a sudden turbulence across our path and make us feel like everything`s going out of control, we can just relax and rest assure remembering this simple truth: “It may be beyond our control but never ever beyond GOD’s control!

On a similar note, while flying back to Bangalore recently, we were hit by severe turbulence that rocked the flight to and fro like a bumpy roller coaster ride. The bad weather that greeted as the plane took off and the thick blankets of clouds just kept us in the dark about what’s ahead. But, once we crossed the turbulent layer, everything settled down and all was calm and clear.

This is the same thing in all our lives too when we pass through thick foggy patches when we have no idea of what’s ahead of us. We are being tossed about by the turbulence of our lives.

But, the good news is that if we continue to be our best, trust GOD and take one step at a time, we will soar up to great heights!

“GOD never promised a turbulence-free flight but assures us a safe landing”