Resurrection Power

How joyful it is to come to know
That we don’t need to fear any foe!
Since Christ came down at the right hour
To freely give us His Resurrection power!

The enemy might attack us with a word
Saying we are no match to this world;
But then comes a decision to make
To believe his word is nothing but a fake!

You might go through the fire & the storm
But then His power lets you come out strong!
With this mighty power we win and overcome
Every challenge & struggle that are yet to come!

We are not merely victims but rather victors
Not just in one or two but in every sectors!
Whether sickness or addiction; failure or depression
We break every chain by the power of Resurrection!

We are so privileged to have this power
For helping us defeat our enemy`s tower!
I can hardly imagine how it would be
If it hadn’t been for this power in me!