Who We Are

JGI is a multifaceted ministry founded by John Giftah. JGI is involved in preaching the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through various modes to bring out the message through simple, attractive and unique modes. The idea is to plant the seed of GOD’s Word in the lives of as many people as possible through creative means. John Giftah International was officially started on 19 September, 2013. Prior to this, John Giftah ministered through daily inspirations through texts, social media and counselling sessions. On 10 November 2016, JGI was registered as a trust (Religious organization) with John Giftah and Winston Jude Marvel as its founding trustees.

The main facets of the ministry are as follows:

  • JGI Daddy’s Paradise: This is a bimonthly fellowship service in the Horamavu area of Bangalore on the first and third Saturday’s of every month. Its a time of Worship, Declaration, Word and Fellowship with many different activities planned frequently. If you are around, do join us!

  • Youtube and TV: This is the facet in which we connect to a wide YouTube audience through regular video uploads in a 30 minute TV format recorded at a studio. The messages are either inspirations or teachings or counselling or prophetic in nature to adhere to a vast audience depending on their need. The first TV telecast of JGI was on the Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday of 2017.
  • WhatsApp Ministry: JGI brings the messages right to the smart phones of hundreds of people of various faiths, denominations, backgrounds and age groups through a short audio message, edifying note, and many more amazing stuff DAILY! They are maintained through a few official ministry groups and broadcasts which are growing rapidly. This is the main area of ministry that has been on the run for the past three and a half years.
  • Social Media Ministry: This is achieved through the JGI official page on Facebook, Twitter and also through a few other outlets. An edifying note is posted through them daily along with updates from the ministry.

  • Counselling sessions: This is where we have one-on-one interactions and encourage, guide and strengthen people in their walk, guide them in taking the right steps and so on. The sessions maybe on personal life, life decisions, relationship issues, career choices and so on depending on the need.

  • JGI GRACE Outpouring LIVE Events: Do plan to attend our LIVE events that we conduct to help you live the life that you are meant to live. It’s an evening where we have uplifting music, life transforming declarations, inspiring Word, Testimonies, Outreach hands, Awareness Sessions and Talent platforms.